ravis James is a 20 year old singer-songwriter from South Surrey, BC.

His first EP, Season Of Mine, was completed in 2012 and is a patchwork of carefully thought out lyrics, melodies, and stories that symbolize a season of life, growth and reflection.  

"Listening to the Travis James Band is like being transported back in time... the music is soulful, with an effortlessly retro feel. And there is an honesty in the song writing - these are words you can relate to, strive for and connect with. It's music perfect for everything from a quiet dinner at home, to a sunlight kitchen on a weekend morning, watching the afternoon rain from your covered porch, or entertaining a group of closest friends - it's a soundtrack for real life." 

hile pursuing his classical music degree, Travis has also been performing as the Travis James Band at various venues around the Vancouver area. 


photography and graphic design by gillian stevens